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Another Snow Covered Morning ... In Mid-May

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winter just doesn’t want to let go of us this year. Here it is, mid-May, and we’re still waking up to snow on the ground. The falling snow has quite a bit of moisture in it, so the branches of the trees are softly laden. It’s a beautiful scene. If it occurred in December, we’d be taking photos of it to use as a Christmas card, but now we’re taking photos to send to the soon-to-arrive staff as a reminder to bring plenty of warm clothes and mud boots. The snow pack level in our area of the county was a bit down from the normal mark this winter, but I think the foot of snow we’ve received in the first half of May will help bring those numbers up. It will sure make for gorgeous wildflowers in a month or two.  We figrued out today that there are just 24 days until the first Latigo Ranch overnight pack trip of the 2010 season.  There is a lot of snow that will melt before then.