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News & Musings - Latigo Guest / Dude Ranch

2009 Summer & Fall at Latigo Ranch

Friday, October 30, 2009

We don’t seem to get around to our blog until the “off season.”  Summer is over, and here we are again.

Some of you may say: “What?  Summer's over?”  It is in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  We have snow on the ground and freezing temperatures almost every morning now.

We had great guests and staff again this summer.  Although our business suffered from the economic down turn just like many others in the hospitality industry and throughout the country, it was still a tremendously beautiful Colorado summer.

The mountain pine beetles have done their work, and now we are doing ours. We have undertaken an aggressive program to remove the dead lodgepole pine. The removal of these trees will help protect us from the dangers of potential forest fires and from trees toppling over in the wind.  The landscape is definitely changing, but thankfully we have lots of aspen, spruce, and fir trees.

The good news is that the logging has created some new XC ski trails, and they sure look like they will be a great addition to our trail network.

That’s all for now from Randy at the Latigo Dude Ranch.