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Going Green

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The word “green” has taken on a life of its own these days.  For those of us who went to college in East Lansing, the word will always be paired with “white” and will shout school spirit.  Even though I might hum the MSU fight song and finish the chant of “Go Green” with “Go White”, we always are looking for ways to reduce waste and help the environment here at Latigo. 


We strive to achieve low impact camping when we take our overnight pack trips so that hikers who might come across our camping site wouldn’t even know we’d been there.  We recycle our plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, and steel even though it means taking it to a center when we make a trip to Silverthorne - over an hours drive from the ranch. 


We encourage our guests to fill reusable, washable canteens from the ranch’s tasty well water instead of using store bought bottled water.  Our most recent project has been to install an envrionmentally-friendly wood-fired boiler behind our house so that we can convert our endless supply of firewood into hot water that heats our home.   If this works well for us, we may be able to apply the technology to other buildings on the ranch.


We love the pristine beauty that surrounds us at our guest ranch, and it’s always been our goal to enhance that beauty rather than tarnish it.  Come share it with us!