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Moving the horses to winter pasture.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

We’re all feeling a bit relieved this evening.  Our 75 horses are safely tucked into their winter pasture, and the Taussigs will begin feeding them tomorrow.  Randy, Spencer and Hannah wrangle-in from our surrounding pastures yesterday and all went smoothly.  Right after an early breakfast, Jim took  6 of the older horses down in the horse trailer.  Then Hannah, Spencer, and Randy drove the herd down on horseback.  It took a little less than an hour and a half.  It's about a 6 mile mostly downhill jaunt out past the Breakfast Site and on down toward Hinnman reservoir.  It went much slower than some years; Spencer did a great job of slowing down the pace while he was in the lead.  

Except, that is, for the last stretch when he let his horse go full out as the herd sprinted to the finish line.  It was only about 200 yards worth of a gallop into the pasture, but I did manage to snap a photo.  It was a fun finish.

Hannah and Randy brought up the rear and made sure that all of the 66 horses that left Latigo arrived at their destination.  Actually, there were 3 horses that managed to sneak off and hide in the trees of the Shannon Pasture around our house as the rest of the herd happily trotted on down the road.  Randy hauled them down with a truck and trailer after lunch.  

After the move down, the crew took a short break.