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Escape into the Quiet

Thursday, March 06, 2008

One of the most remarkable benefits of living at Latigo Ranch is the ease with which one can escape into the quiet.  I pondered that as I took an afternoon ski.  I shuffled my way up Sunrise and then did a laborious herringbone to the top of the Kasdorf trail, and as my chest heaved in efforts to take in some necessary oxygen, I soaked up the beauty of our Colorado day.  It was cold; I could see my breath in my shadow, but the sun warmed my face.  Gone were the clouds that brought snow yesterday, and the chilling winds had moved east as well.  Once I could breathe normally, I really noticed the quiet.  There were only screeches from hawks as I searched the view.  Not a sound… no movement…not even dogs barking in the distance.  What a privilege.