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News & Musings - Latigo Guest / Dude Ranch

The Summer Begins 2013

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Our first guests arrive today for the 2013 summer season. We are enthusiastic to share this glorious part of Colorado with all those who will join us.


The summer sound of whirring hummingbird wings has made us smile for the past couple of weeks.  They arrive faithfully each spring right around Mother’s Day, and we all get a thrill when we first hear the familiar summer sound.

It doesn’t take much to make me exceedingly grateful to call Latigo my home, but after observing city dwellers’ behaviors and hearing tragic reports of violence all around the world, I realize that we live in a very unique environment.  No town is free from conflict, but our nearby town of Kremmling is filled with friendly, down-to-earth folks who have good work ethics and conservative values.  We’re located 30 minutes from town, and our ‘driveway’ is 7 miles of dirt road, so Latigo defines the word secluded and scenic.

Our safe and peaceful surroundings are created by many of our own decisions, but we also think God uses them to offer our guests the clear vision of true beauty that occurs when fear is absent.

The big cities in our state are a much different picture.  The liberally dominated legislature in our state has enacted some regulations that do not represent the majority of opinion in Western Colorado, but that won’t change our core values.  

We strive to hire staff who share many of our beliefs, and those who have already joined us for our pre-summer opening routine seem to be great examples of clean-cut, hard-working, positive, fun-loving young folks.  We’re excited to be working alongside them for them next few months.

- Lisa