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Winter Peace

Sunday, January 07, 2007

White blankets the Latigo landscape yet changes very little about the guest experience. Sure, our guests strap on their skis instead of buckling up their chaps, but the elements of Latigo that make for a memorable vacation are still the same. The meals are still savory and wholesome although the dining room tends to be less crowded. The cabins are still warm and inviting, but the fireplaces see more use this time of year. The front porch of the lodge still commands a breathtaking view, but guests gaze in awe and then move on instead of lingering in one of the frozen chairs. It might be easier to appreciate the melodic silence of Latigo's wilderness when one skis to the top of Kasdorf on our groomed ski trail, but for me at least, silence doesn't become appreciable until I've paused for 5 minutes to catch my breath. Then it's glorious.

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