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Our Staff Feel Like Family

Saturday, August 26, 2006


This is the part of the season when many of our staff prepare to head back to the 'real world'.  Not only do we miss them for the work they've been contributing to the ranch operations, but we also miss them because they've become a part of our extended family for a few months.  Sometimes our relationships with our former staff develop into a lifetime friendship.  A young lady who worked for us last summer is planning her wedding here at the ranch in just a few weeks and has asked Randy to speak during the ceremony.  He has been a positive influence in her life, and she wanted him to be a part of her wedding celebration. 

A very nice family from the east coast with 4 children stayed this week.  One of the first questions they asked upon arrival was how carefully we screened the staff members who would be working with their children.  We understood their concerns, but it still was a shocking question for us.  I don't think it took them more than a half a day to realize the quality of people working at the ranch, and I know by the end of the week they'd completely forgotten their concerns.  When we hire our staff, we carefully call former employers and references, and if a person doesn't come highly recommended, they don't get hired.  Even more important than those technical aspects of our hiring is the prayer with which we cover that process.  We truly believe that God brings the people to us for a reason.  That's why year after year we smile at the caliber of people who help us run the best dude ranch in Colorado.


Lisa...................from Latigo Ranch................like coming home......................