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Fabulous Fall

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We reached the third week in September with hardly a golden aspen leaf in sight. Usually we’re at our peak of color when the 25th of the month comes around, and we all feared that the record amounts of moisture we received this summer would have negatively affected the turning of the leaves. Some said that the leaves were just going to turn brown and fall off. Fortunately that wasn’t the case, and we’re being rewarded with the most brilliant color we’ve seen in years. We had a hard frost a few weeks ago, but since then the days have been nearly ideal. It seems almost criminal to spend any time inside, so we’re happily tackling all of the things that need to be done out of doors.



We didn’t have any interest in the roundup this year, so our last week of guests was a week earlier than normal. We had a few ‘cow jobs’ to do for our neighbors, and it was great fun to do them as a family at our own leisure. Our last remaining staff departed this morning, so with the exception of some hunters who are coming in two weeks, the ranch will be in its shut down mode until we open for skiing just before Christmas.


Both Hannah and Spencer have been taking some marvelous photos, so watch the website for their additions this winter.