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Your Kitchen Friends
Our guests often ask for recipes from the Latigo Ranch kitchen.  We plan to post a new recipe here regularly. 

Lisa searches for recipe ideas and often finds new recipes to try, and if we like them, Randy experiments to figure out how to make them work when preparing them for 30+ guests.  Sometimes what we end up with is quite different from the original  and other times we make little change.  

Since most of you don't live at 9,000 ft. above sea level like we do, we have adjusted the recipes for baked goods for low altitude.  If you do need to correct for higher altitudes, please feel free to email us for suggestions.

Enjoy your cooking, eating, and friendship around the table.

Randy & Lisa George

Recipe of the Week

Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 T flour
3 T water
½ C teriyaki sauce
¼ C orange marmalade
1 t fresh garlic
1 ½ minced ginger
2 T brown sugar
In a sauce pan, mix flour and water until smooth.  Add remaining sauce ingredients, mix well with flour and water, bring to a boil, stir and cook for a minute or so.  Spread on two 14 inch uncooked pizza crusts.

Enough diced chicken (raw or cooked) to cover the dough.  Mix with 2 T teriyaki sauce, ½ t fresh ginger, ½ t garlic.  If raw, sauté all in olive oil until cooked.

After spreading the sauce on the crusts, sprinkle with mozzarella, then add the chicken, diced green, yellow, and red peppers, plus diced onion.  Bake until done.

I didn’t add cheese on top, but you could.

This recipe is brought to you from the kitchen of Latigo Guest Ranch.