We’ve got a list of things to say “thanks” for, and we’d like to share it out with anyone who’ll listen.

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Season of Gratitude

November 26, 2018

Psychologists, therapists, and statisticians all agree: taking time to be grateful is healthy for the mind and body. For those of us at Latigo, it’s a little easier to sit down and actually count our blessings during this season of gratitude. We don’t have any guests, we are between hosting events, and the weather is often encouraging us to work on indoor projects instead of braving the driving snow.

This year, there are so many things for which we’re grateful.

  1. We’re still here! Our property is still safe, our views are still gorgeous, our food is still excellent, our horses are still happy, and our future is still bright.
  2. Friends & Family. It might be clichéd to say how much friends and family mean to us, but it is so much more for us than a token ‘thank you’. These are the people who called and asked how they could help, who grabbed shovels and set posts, who book weeks next summer to help us get back on our feet, who donate to our gofundme.com page, and who support us through prayer and kind words. We are incredibly blessed to have Dave and Mim Shannon living and working alongside us, Patty Shannon always looking out for things to make our lives easier and better, Spencer and Amanda using their incredible talents constantly, Randy and Lisa keeping everything running, and Hannah writing our blogs and serving wherever we need her. And, after thirty-one years in business, our list of friends is far, far longer than we ever imagined.
  3. Our Lives At Latigo: this place is our home and our work. It’s beautiful and big, dramatic and cozy. This place has been subject to countless photos in an attempt to capture it, and nothing really even comes close to the experience of actually being here. As many beautiful scenes as it holds, the number of warm memories is far higher. This is where Randy and Lisa raised their children. This is where David and Spencer met their wives. This is where we make friends and serve those who choose to come here and experience Latigo for themselves. This… this is Latigo. And we couldn’t be more grateful that it’s our home.
  4. Our Past: no matter how ashen or damaged it feels after this summer, how many hours we work in a given week, or the number of times it feels like we are set back, we have a legacy of answered prayers, healed hearts, and beautiful friendships. We thank God for His incredible gifts and the heritage of grace He has given us.
  5. Vin, The Bernese Mountain Dog. Spencer and Amanda are raising this 55-pound 5-month-old bundle of joy. She is totally adorable, loves people more than anything, and is a constant source of exercise and amusement. If anyone needs a lesson in joy, all they'd have to do is watch Vin and see the pure happines that puppy shows when she's plowing face-first through a snowbank. 


Here, at Latigo, we remember to stop and count our blessings. There are so many that we have to do it often just to keep up. We are thankful you read our blog all the way to the end. Now, what are you waiting for? Latigo is ready to say ‘thanks’ for your next booking.




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Season of Gratitude

Sheryl M.

‘Thank you’ just seems so inadequate…It was honestly one of the best vacations I can remember.

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David & Judith F.

The horse riding was wonderful, the food excellent, the scenery breathtaking and your company very, very pleasant.

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Everything was top notch, and everyone was so friendly and helpful.

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Sue P.

We loved Latigo Ranch! It was our best vacation ever! Cabins were comfortable, food was scrumptious and the wranglers were wonderful.

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John & Jenni E.

This has been our second consecutive visit and again it has equaled all expectations.

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